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The MSH Executive Board is comprised of 5 elected officials. Each officer serves a two year term. Immediate past presidents serve on the board as advisers for one term following their presidency. Officers terms commence July 1 of the election year. The next MSH election will be in 2020.

Dee Wolfe, President

Michelle Martin, Vice-President/Symposium Coordinator

Connie Warren, Secretary

Rachel Fowler, Treasurer

Hristina Trpevski, Editor-In-Chief


The Symposium Coordinator position is held by the Vice President, who then appoints an assistant. All other MSH Chairpersons are appointed by the Executive Board each election year. Additional positions may be created by the board as needed.

Beth Cox, Assistant Symposium Coordinator       

Linda Callahan, Awards

Jamie Pert, Control Blocks

Gina Capone, Educational Media

Beth Cox, Historian

Meagan Wilson, Membership     

Hristina Trpevski, Website Administrator

Megan Hellie, Election Chairperson

Katie Baecke, Editorial Assistant 

Colton Oakie, Editorial Assistant 

Sue Jackson, Student Representative 


House of Delegates representatives include the President and the number of delegates allowed by the (based on state membership). HOD are elected for a term concurrent with the Executive Board. Representing the MSH in 2018 and 2019 are:

Jamie Pert 

Dee Wolfe 

Ada Feldman 

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